Drug addiction can be terrible for addicts, ruining their lives and preventing them working or graduating. Serious drugs may also cause them problems with the law, with doctors, and with their own health. The majority of drug addicts will attend local rehab centers, and may be put into a 12-step program. These treatments are the same for all types of addicts, and this certainly means that you either live according to the demands of the treatment center, or you fail completely. The majority of addicts fail treatment, and with a success rate as low as 1% for some drug rehabilitation methods, many people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction turn to other methods to fight their problems.

7 days to Freedom with Ibogaine detox

Treatment with Ibogaine

One therapy for drug addiction which is popular in other parts of the world is Ibogaine. This natural chemical, extracted from African plants, has been used in spiritual and physical healing for many centuries, and its benefits for addicts have been known about since the 1960s.. If you are certain that you can’t recover using traditional Western medicine, then you may want to consider how treatment with Ibogaine can help you to overcome your addiction.

Why choose Ibogaine?

There are several reasons why Ibogaine might benefit addicts, not least the fact that more than 90% of users quit drugs after a single dose. Secondly, Ibogaine’s dose can be individualized in order to increase the safety of the dose, so that you only get the benefit of the treatment. Thirdly, Ibogaine has been shown to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, which are one of the key causes of relapses and the high failure rate of traditional therapies. Because it eases withdrawal, it allows addicts to come off of a drug more quickly, including opiates and alcohol. In traditional medicine, this withdrawal process would take weeks, and would be full of uncomfortable symptoms, but with Ibogaine, the withdrawal process can take as little as 7 days.

If you are interested in discovering the secrets of Ibogaine therapy for yourself, then the Holistic Sanctuary could be the perfect place for you. Our staff is fully trained in helping people recover from addiction, and our spa is fully licensed to help people through the withdrawal process. We offer a range of natural treatments with no medicinal therapy and no use of 12-step programs, so you can recover physically and mentally at your own pace.