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At The Sanctuary of Healing, we offer only the most effective, all-natural remedies. Our proprietary treatment, the Pouyan Method, heals patients, restores the areas damaged in the brain and permanently ends addiction. This exclusive solution, backed by the most personalized care available, aims to stop addiction, dependency and foster healing. That approach, which is superior to outdated options like 12-step programs and the philosophy of AA, treats addiction as a curable condition. We do not consider addiction an incurable disease, where patients must take toxic drugs with severe side effects as their only path to sobriety or being clean.

In contrast, The Sanctuary of Healing focuses on healing and regenerating the brain cells damaged by drug and alcohol abuse. The brain scans of our patients prove the true power of the Pouyan Method, a dramatic series of images that showcase the healing nature of our work. In fact, our motto – “Heal the Brain, Heal Your Life” – is a verifiable statement, thanks to the Pouyan Method, which has no side effects.

We only use the most advanced, proprietary and holistic options – along with super foods, herbal remedies and brain healing equipment – to restore and rejuvenate people’s lives. More importantly, we do not put our patients on maintenance psychotropic – and toxic – prescription drugs. That approach is the go-to answer for standard rehabilitation treatment centers, which does not work, and classifies patients as victims and labels them as incurable prisoners of a non-existent disease.

The Sanctuary of Healing takes the opposite approach – our patients do not have a disease, nor do we label them as such; we heal them, instead, by removing all poisons and repairing the damaged brain. At The Sanctuary of Healing, we find and eliminate the root causes of addiction.

Other centers mistake toxicity for therapy, dispensing prescription drugs (with severe side effects) and genetically modified foods, which contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This sort of neglect, which is a form of moral malpractice, is a punishment patients endure – all under the title of “Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment,” for which they pay tens of thousands of dollars. That policy is unacceptable!

Thankfully, The Sanctuary uses the exclusive Pouyan Method to heal patients with safe, proven and effective solutions. Along with the use of organic foods, exercise and meditation, we create an environment where patients can thrive. We know addiction is reversible, that healing can be permanent and the beginning of a new life.

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