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Addiction treatment with ibogaine is part of Pouyan method, which is a real healing system of the Ibogaine Sanctuary or The Holistic Sanctuary. This treatment system has broken the conventional addiction system. It means that it doesn’t require patients to take more addicting medicines and attend group meetings.

One of the reasons addictions to chemical substance can’t be mitigated is that we’re short of real, proper treatments in the US. What we have is an old system that does the same thing without offering patients long-term success. It requires patients to attend group meetings and talk therapies that will only tell them that their addictions can’t be cured.

What these patients need is a real healing system that reverses damages made to their bodies but doesn’t involve taking of toxic, addicting medications in order to stay balanced.

In order to obtain long-term success in curing addiction, we need holistic, organic therapy that resets the brain and heals the addict down to a cellular level.

The Ibogaine Sanctuary uses the nature’s resources in resetting the mind and healing the body. Apart from ibogaine, the facility also uses stem cells, super foods, vitamin infusion, amino acid drips, oxygen therapy, coffee enemas, carbon saunas, and other holistic therapies that help in the repair and regeneration of the cells to make them work properly again.

Because we believe that patients who take part in outdated group meetings will only get lost, rather than staying focused, we don’t recommend them.

Instead, we implement a one-on-one talk with a therapist and coaching strategy that changes the broken system. We believe that by giving our patients real food and accurate therapy, as well as undivided attention, they can recover from their addiction and receive 100% success rate.

The addiction treatment with ibogaine is a real treatment that’s considered by our past clients as their lifeline as it has saved their lives.

Since 2012, our Ibogaine Sanctuary has 600 treatments and has been saving hundreds of lives. Many well-renowned addiction specialists are baffled about our system. Well, they should be as our system works without the toxic medicines, outdated group meetings and the talk therapy.

At Ibogaine Sanctuary, we believe that addictions can be cured, no matter what they are. With the administration of ibogaine, you won’t experience harsh withdrawal symptoms. This means that you won’t fall back or slip through cracks while you’re on your way to recovery.

When dealing with addictions, addiction treatment with ibogaine is considered as the most effective system. Patients experience remarkable progress, thereby, helping them overcome their addictions in a more efficient manner.

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