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8 04, 2015

7 days to Freedom with Ibogaine

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Drug addiction can be terrible for addicts, ruining their lives and preventing them working or graduating. Serious drugs may also cause them problems with the law, with doctors, and with their own health. The majority of drug addicts will attend local rehab centers, and may be put into a 12-step program. These treatments are […]

1 04, 2015

How to Get Off Heroin with Ibogaine Treatment

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Getting off heroin with ibogaine treatment is easier than withdrawing through the conventional method. The reason for this is that ibogaine will make withdrawal symptoms a lot easier to endure.

One of the reasons that many addicts who want to quit do not have the courage to give up their drug dependence is the fear […]

18 03, 2015

Ibogaine Treatment History

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Ibogaine Death History
Ibogaine treatment history: A plant extract called ibogaine from an African shrub, offers substantial relief from drug addictions like heroine and opiates as well as alcohol and nicotine. Ibogaine is an alkaloid extracted from the bark of Tabernanthe iboga. Usage of this substance dates back to thousands of years when it was […]

18 03, 2015

Ibogaine Programs

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Apart from side effects and legal issues that shadow ibogaine usage worldwide, ibogaine is soon gaining popularity as a instrument of treatment to cure drug addiction. It has gained positive reviews from patients who tried ibogaine therapy. Ibogaine seems to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Ibogaine treatment can last for up to […]

5 03, 2015

Learn about the History of Treatment Addictions with Ibogaine

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History of treatment addictions with Ibogaine
In the past, drug addiction was viewed as a moral flaw and an incurable disease. Conventional treatments involved a lot of talk therapies and group meetings. They also involved administering of toxic medicines that only made the patients to use another addicting medicine.
So, it’s not a surprise that they […]

5 03, 2015

Addiction Treatment with Ibogaine

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Addiction treatment with ibogaine is part of Pouyan method, which is a real healing system of the Ibogaine Sanctuary or The Holistic Sanctuary. This treatment system has broken the conventional addiction system. It means that it doesn’t require patients to take more addicting medicines and attend group meetings.
One of the reasons addictions to chemical […]

5 02, 2015

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment

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Drug addictions is a real problem affecting millions of people across the globe. Unfortunately not everyone is able to access proper treatment and rehabilitation to be able to stop the addiction problem. More so, those who receive treatment are taken through a cruel rehabilitation process that leaves them weakened and may easily fall back […]

5 02, 2015

What are the Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers?

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It goes without saying that the success of an Ibogaine treatment program will depend highly on the center that you choose to use for the treatment. If you choose a good center, then you can be sure of high chances of success. One the flip side, if you don’t get a good one, you’ll […]