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Best Way to Detox off Heroin Addiction

The Best Heroin Addiction Treatment: Making the Pouyan Method a Personal Priority

The best heroin addiction treatment is the exact opposite of the kind provided by conventional centers, which use toxic drugs like methadone and suboxone as the first – and often only – means of response. These drugs have severe side effects, and do not – and will not – permanently end addiction. These drugs are also part of a wrong, ineffective and outdated approach, which labels addiction an incurable disease. On top of this misdiagnosis, these facilities enroll patients in 12-step programs, which reinforce the same wrongheaded arguments: that these people will never be free of addiction, that they must accept this physical pain and emotional trauma. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we know there is a way to permanently end addiction to heroin and other drugs. Through our exclusive, safe and proprietary Pouyan Method, which I first created for myself, we have the means – and the proof – that heroin addiction is not a disease. 

The best heroin addiction and rehab treatment is, by definition, the Pouyan Method. As someone who endured the misery of conventional techniques – none of which gave me any freedom from addiction – I dedicated myself to healing a person’s brain so he or she could heal their life. That process meant devising a safe, all-natural and successful way to help patients permanently end addiction. And I have the ultimate form of proof to confirm this statement: the brain scan images of patients, where we have restored and rejuvenated areas previously damaged by addiction. No other center has the Pouyan Method or anything even remotely similar, which is why these places have no choice but to (falsely) label addiction a disease.

The best luxury heroin addiction treatment is, therefore, a misnomer. It is merely an excuse to charge patients tens of thousands of dollars for something that does not work, leaving people more vulnerable – and sick – than before entering these places. In contrast, The Holistic Sanctuary delivers the customized care – amidst the 5-star accommodations and tranquil surroundings – patients deserve and expect. Only we have the ability to heal the brain, and give patients – and their friends and loved ones – a second chance at enjoying a healthy life.

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