Ibogaine Treatment

23 07, 2015

Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

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Giving up drugs is often a life-long battle, with many addicts finding that they struggle to keep clean after a period of rehabilitation. Failure rate for orthodox rehabilitation centers is around 80-90%, with most patients failing rapidly after their group sessions, 12-step meetings or other therapies stop. There are several reasons why addicts are […]

6 05, 2015

The Holistic Sanctuary: Freedom from Addiction Forever

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The Holistic Sanctuary’s addiction treatment center is the most highly regarded in the world as we’ve made it our job to cure addiction forever. Our all natural and highly effective addiction treatment protocol guarantees to end your addiction without the assistance of dangerous toxins or chemicals. Most importantly, The Holistic Sanctuary’s goal is to […]

11 04, 2015

Ibogaine Treatment in the Future

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Drug addiction recovery and rehabilitation is an issue which is important to every government, from US Senate to European Parliaments. Current drug treatment programs are expensive, poorly attended and often unsuccessful. Recent research suggested that around 23 million people in the US had some form of drug or alcohol addiction, and that only between […]

9 04, 2015

Ibogaine Mexico rehab clinics for addicts

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Ibogaine is a new treatment for those suffering from drug addiction, and particularly from addiction to short-acting opiates such as Heroin and painkillers. These opiates can develop a strong hold on the addict, and often the only solution is to replace them with even stronger opiates such as Methadone and Suboxone. Western medicine has […]

8 04, 2015

Get ready for Ibogaine Treatment

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Eliminating an addiction can be possible if you are willing to experiment with traditional tribal medicines such as Ibogaine. This has become one of the most popular ways to overcome short-term opiate addiction, including heroin, painkillers, and morphine addictions. It is also shown to help to improve the recovery in longer-term opiates, such as […]

1 04, 2015

How to Get Off Heroin with Ibogaine Treatment

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Getting off heroin with ibogaine treatment is easier than withdrawing through the conventional method. The reason for this is that ibogaine will make withdrawal symptoms a lot easier to endure.

One of the reasons that many addicts who want to quit do not have the courage to give up their drug dependence is the fear […]

5 02, 2015

What are the Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers?

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It goes without saying that the success of an Ibogaine treatment program will depend highly on the center that you choose to use for the treatment. If you choose a good center, then you can be sure of high chances of success. One the flip side, if you don’t get a good one, you’ll […]