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Why Choose Us

You may be wondering why you should choose us over a traditional drug rehabilitation center. We would like to offer a few reasons why we are the best choice.

We offer thorough, comprehensive treatment of addiction. We offer the most effective treatment system for drug and alcohol addiction. No other facility comes close. Traditional facilities offer no real treatment. What they do offer, talk therapy and group meetings.

We offer over 20 different therapies to arrest the damage done by dependency, and reverse and heal those damages. Traditional rehab facilities use an outdated and ineffective approach with the additional defect of being a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter model.

We are committed to healing the body, mind and soul using 100% holistic methods. Traditional drug rehab centers use medications to relieve drug addiction.

We offer more face-to-face, one-on-one therapy opportunities than any other facilities. Other rehabs offer only 4 hours of private counseling or therapy sessions and 120 hours of group therapy sessions per month. We off 125 hours of private one on one therapy, that is the higher than any other treatment center in the world.

We offer a private, secure and safe 5-star Resort Facility with World-Class Treatments. Many other facilities are located in hospitals or run down house and offer second-class treatments that are toxic and outdated.

We do not believe addiction is an incurable disease, we have been successfully healing and reversing it for years. Traditional treatment models are based on a theory that addiction has no cure, and that addicts are born with addiction and will have it their entire lives. They believe that addicts must embrace addiction as an integral part of who they are.

We do not put six, or four, or even two, people in one room in bunk beds. We offer private suites, we also offer comfortable, resort-like accommodations. We offer 14 swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and paradise amenities. We noticed that our clients heal in paradise like settings, unlike jail or hospital like environments

We do not treat our clients like criminals or inmates. We do not make them scrub floors or toilets or mow lawns. Our clients are our guests.

We do not treat our clients as if they are bad people or second-class citizens. We treat them as people who deserve a second chance at life.

Rather than labeling our clients as diseased and requiring them to admit powerlessness, we empower, inspire and motivate them to become the people we know they are capable of being.

We believe in and work toward healing our clients with advanced new therapies. They offer no new therapies or healing methods.

We do not practice attack therapy or force our clients to submit, to us or to anyone or anything else.

We are the first to offer a treatment protocol, Ibogaine, that heals the brain and removes the underlying causes of addiction.

Our staff is not only respectful, treating clients with care and respect, but also highly educated, trained, professional and certified. The staff at traditional rehabs consists of counselors for talk therapy and psychiatrists who prescribe drugs for treatment of addiction.

We operate in gorgeous, world-class, safe and secure resort with 5 star accommodations with complete privacy. We treat our guests as guests and make them comfortable during their stay.

As you may have gathered, our focus is on caring and healing, whereas many traditional rehab centers do not focus on the care of their patients and offer no healing.

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