If you have been treated with contempt when looking for help to overcome addiction, you know how it can break your will to move forward with your decision. However, for those that commit to getting better, the process can be made harder by medical professionals that are concerned about pumping drugs into your body with no care about your overall health. At The Holistic center, we focus more on your whole being and not only on the physical symptoms that are seen by everyone. We are the first treatment center in the world to take on this approach and have seen tremendous success with majority of those that join our center looking for help.

No one chooses addiction. We know that and strive to use our natural treatment methods to ensure that you are healed while maintaining your dignity. Our luxury ibogaine treatment program has been designed to offer you as much comfort as possible while engaging in the various activities that we have outlined to help you get cured faster. We have invested in high end facilities that can be mistaken for a luxury hotel with staff that do their best to ensure that your stay is memorable. You do not have to wonder if we mean what we say, just read through our positive testimonials and see for yourself those that have been residents of The Holistic Sanctuary.

Holistic luxury accommodation like no other

It is now common to find a number of ibogaine rehabs claiming to offer luxurious facilities but the opposite is true as many of their patients, seek our services later after being disappointed. The term “luxury” cannot be downgraded in any manner, if the facilities are said to be lavish, they must display comfort and class at all times. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many of these so called alternative rehab clinics using ibogaine, with their main aim being to trick vulnerable addicts to sign up at their facilities.

A beach front facility is the location of The Holistic Sanctuary which gives you the feeling of relaxation as soon as you enter the healing center. When you walk into your room, you will immediately enjoy the privacy provided and the well thought out interior décor and furnishings that help you settle in quickly. We believe that such surroundings contribute to your healing at the center especially when accompanied with the use of natural plant medicines and protocol method developed by Johnny The Healer, a former addict now turned savior.

To better enhance your stay at out healing center, we offer a number of holistic activities that help heal the body, soul and mind. The most popular ones are the therapy massages, reiki healing, body work and weekend excursions that help you relax and get your mind off your quest to get rid of your addiction. Even so, majority of the relaxing activities can be done on our facility grounds while others on the ocean surrounding it, making it possible to get healed without being devalued.

Find affordable luxury ibogaine treatment at our healing center

The luxurious amenities at The Holistic Sanctuary may seem to be very costly at first glance but when you consider the quality of treatment being offered, it is all worth it. As soon as you pay the ibogaine cost of treatment, you have access to all the particulars of the package you have selected. Our exclusive Pouyan Method will bring healing to your brain which we believe is the organ mostly affected during drug abuse and trauma. We use natural based medicines like Ayahuasca and Ibogaine to ensure that your body does not interact with any more toxic substances in a bid to get cured.

Our staff is highly trained in administering these plant medicines to patients regardless of their level of addiction. They have been sworn to secrecy concerning information provided by patients during treatment sessions and do their best to use it for your good. In most cases, the final result of spending time in calm and luxurious location while battling addiction or alcoholism is a fully healed individual that many will enjoy welcoming back into the family and overall society.