Eliminating an addiction can be possible if you are willing to experiment with traditional tribal medicines such as Ibogaine. This has become one of the most popular ways to overcome short-term opiate addiction, including heroin, painkillers, and morphine addictions. It is also shown to help to improve the recovery in longer-term opiates, such as Methadone and Suboxone. If you have made enquiries about Ibogaine treatment, then you should be aware that preparation is one of the key factors in ensuring that you have a successful treatment.

Get ready for Ibogaine Treatment

Preparing for Ibogaine

Almost all clinics offering Ibogaine will encourage you to follow a strict diet and withdraw from the opiate you are addicted to before you come to the clinic. You may expect to have a pre-screening evaluation when you arrive at the clinic, which will ensure that you are fit and will be able to withstand the treatment. You will also be checked to make sure that you are not currently taking the opiates. The day after you arrive, you may have further medical tests, including blood smears, ECG and other tests to ensure that your heart, lungs and liver will be able to stand up to the treatment. Any problems revealed by these scans will result in the treatment being denied. At this point, suitable doses of Ibogaine will be calculated.

Preparing mentally for treatment

In addition to being physically fit, many addicts will also benefit from being psychologically prepared for the visions and hallucinations that are to come. Most ‘bad trips’ occur when the addict is not fully prepared for treatment, and so they tend to suffer from fears and anxieties which are projected back onto them during the dream state. In African therapy, the draught of Ibogaine is only given after the expert has fully prepared the addict, and this practice should also be followed over here, so that you are relaxed and comfortable when you start dreaming.

Finding out about Ibogaine experiences, and understanding what will be expected can benefit you by informing you about what will happen once you receive the dose, and what the long-term effects of taking Ibogaine will be. If you are ready to take the dose by being mentally prepared, then you are more likely to receive beneficial experiences and to recover more fully from your addiction. You can get more information on preparing for Ibogaine treatment from the Holistic Sanctuary.