Drug addictions is a real problem affecting millions of people across the globe. Unfortunately not everyone is able to access proper treatment and rehabilitation to be able to stop the addiction problem. More so, those who receive treatment are taken through a cruel rehabilitation process that leaves them weakened and may easily fall back to addiction problems. Nonetheless one place where one can receive excellent treatment and be guaranteed of rehabilitating is at the Holistic Sanctuary. This is a unique place that helps patients recover quickly and completely shun the use of drugs in their lives forever.

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What we do at Holistic Sanctuary

One of the main reasons why Holistic Sanctuary is a unique rehabilitation center is because we use natural herbs and therapies to help drug addicts recover from the problem. We do not apply the standard procedure which would be the use of prescription drugs in order to stop drug addiction. These prescription drugs may be affective but they also have quite a number of side effects. First of all the drugs are made of strong chemicals which only serve to pump up additional chemicals to the bodies’ of the victims. Taking these prescription drugs is also a big burden for the patients which in turn gives them more and unnecessary stress.

Holistic drug addiction treatment involves full treatment and rehabilitation of the body back to its previous state. As seen by many of our patients, many drug addicts are affected physically, psychologically as well as mentally. Here at Holistic Sanctuary we aim at treating these three areas with the use of our famous “Pouyan” method of treatment. The first step that we takewith any drug addict who will register with us would be to do assessment to determine how bad they have been affected and then we shall apply necessary techniques to help them rehabilitate.

One thing that the convention rehabilitation drugs or the 12 steps rehabilitation process will not do is help recover the brain cells damaged by the drugs. However, the unique “Pouyan” treatment method helps damaged brain cells grow and recover to their initial state. This might sound unrealistic but actually brain scans done on previous patients have actually proved that this is true and that this method is effective.

Drug addiction treatment is not all about stopping drug abuse but physical, mental and psychological recovery is also very important. By visiting Holistic Sanctuary you will be able to get all round treatment that is natural and very effective.