Getting off heroin with ibogaine treatment is easier than withdrawing through the conventional method. The reason for this is that ibogaine will make withdrawal symptoms a lot easier to endure.

One of the reasons that many addicts who want to quit do not have the courage to give up their drug dependence is the fear of withdrawals.

Although the symptoms are not worse than having influenza, they can be very uncomfortable while your body adjusts to the new situation, i.e. no more heroin.

If you have the right treatment method for getting off heroin, you can easily pass through that period and regain yourself.

How to Get Off Heroin with Ibogaine Treatment

Problems with conventional treatment

It is true that conventional addiction treatment can help heal an addict.

Unfortunately, the treatment used will only make an addict become addicted to another substance. This means that when you are trying to get off heroin, you will be withdrawing from that addiction through the intake of another addicting medicine, which will result in addiction to another substance.

This is where ibogaine treatment enters into the picture. It is not a conventional addiction method. Instead of being addicted to a substance, you will walk out of the treatment center addicted to the ways of living a life to the fullest.

The powerful system of ibogaine will allow you to take full control of your life. It does not involve band-aid treatments. Rather, it treats you down to a cellular level.

Conventional addiction rehab centers utilize medicines that do not work. All of them require their patients to take pills and potions that can be very addicting.

But through ibogaine treatment, you will undergo a holistic approach that involves healing of your body, soul and mind.

What sets ibogaine treatment apart from conventional treatments is that it lets you depart from the traditional mode of addiction treatment. Instead of using substances, you will be taking plants and undergo holistic therapy.

You will focus on your ability to naturally heal from the inside out. As a result, you will surely obtain permanent recovery when you walk out of the ibogaine treatment facility.