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Ibogaine Death History

Ibogaine Death History, Ibogaine Death

Altering the Ibogaine Death History with Holistic Approaches

Dealing with the addiction of drugs and substances like, heroin, opiates, alcohol, pills and others is usually a very tormenting and painful experience without safe and effective remedies. In fact, the treatment process can even end up in death if not administered by an expert. According to reliable reports of ibogaine death history, there are very few cases where patients have lost lives while undergoing treatment in some clinics. However, we have never experienced any cases of deaths because we only use all-natural approaches and clear-cut technologies to cure patients suffering from drug or substance addiction. Besides, we have experts to administer the therapies and treatments to patients based on the specific needs and conditions of each.

How Ibogaine treatment has been administered over the years

In order for you to understand the steps made towards curing drug or substance abuse through ibogaine treatment, it is important that you first know how the remedy came about and how it has been used. The concept of ibogaine treatment was discovered many centuries ago and has so far been practiced as an effective remedy for curing drug addiction. Ibogaine Rehab Center is the only clinic that offers advanced brain repair therapy through ibogaine. The treatment combines organic herbal remedies, the Pouyan method and safe technologies to help patients kick out drug addiction from their lives for good. Ibogaine treatment has proven effective in dealing with numerous conditions that result from drug and substance abuse including, depression, trauma and PTSD. Over the past seven years, we have successfully administered the treatment and helped a number of patients quit drug addiction.

Causes of death in Ibogaine treatment

Just like with other forms of treatment, there are a few cases whereby a patient may not respond positively to medication. This mainly occurs in cases whereby the treatment is not administered by professionals. The problem usually begins at diagnosis stage whereby patients are not properly screened to reveal their conditions. As a result of this, patients fail to get the right therapies that can help them in fighting addiction. The best way to avoid any risk from ibogaine treatment including death is visiting our clinic.

Why our treatments are effective in avoiding deaths

Although ibogaine death history reveals cases of loss of lives in some clinics during treatment, we have the ultimate remedies to curb such experiences. We understand the pain of drug addiction and are committed to ensuring that you do not go through the humiliation of losing a life when seeking treatment. Unlike other clinics, we always try to take all the precautions and steps to make sure that every patient who visits our clinic for ibogaine treatment is accorded the best therapies for the best results and effective recovery from drug or substance addiction. We have a better understanding of the best natural and holistic approaches to using in assisting every addict in overcoming their fears and fighting the problem at a personal level for successful healing.

We take a holistic approach towards Ibogaine treatment

The way we deliver ibogaine treatment is one of the strategies that have enabled us to change the ibogaine death history. Before we begin any treatment, we always conduct proper diagnosis that includes, brain scans in order to determine the most effective remedies to apply for every patient. In order to cure drug and substance addiction, we emphasize on lifestyle change. Apart from just the administration of treatments, we also offer patients advice on how to evade negative thoughts, environments, people and other factors that may hinder their success in overcoming addiction. By visiting our clinic, all patients suffering from drug or substance addiction have 100% chances of relapse-free recovery in order to stay cured for the rest of their lives. We tend to move away from standard conventional treatment methods to deliver holistic and customized therapies that can help in avoiding deaths and ensuring successful healing from drug and substance addiction.

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