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If you or someone you love deeply is struggling with drug rehab addiction, you understand how serious this problem can be. Although television and movies sometimes might light of this serious issue and portray addicts as fools or as bad people, you know that addiction is a problem with the brain. You may not know that the underlying problems in the brain can be addressed, and reversed, and an addict can be cured. You do not know this because 99% of drug rehab facilities, based on the medical model of treatment, perpetuate the myths that addiction is an incurable disease and that there is no effective treatment for addiction other than talk therapy, meetings, declaring powerlessness and surrendering to a life as an addict. The Difference Between Ibogaine Drug Rehab and Traditional Drug Rehab Facilities. Ibogaine drug rehab facilities, unlike the traditional drug treatment centers, operate on the fact, not the theory, that addiction can be cured, and once physical addiction is cured, the former addict can create a new personality and a new life that reflects the true person once held captive by addiction. Ibogaine drug treatment begins with a detox treatment using Ibogaine, which cures the addiction. But even with the physical addiction cured, there is more involved in treating the whole person to create the person he or she has always wanted to be. That is where a true Ibogaine drug rehabilitation clinic shines.

Why Ibogaine Drug Rehab Works

Ibogaine drug treatment centers use completely natural and holistic methods to treat not only the brain, but the entire body, as well as the mind and spirit. Our philosophy here is, “Heal the brain, heal the life,” and we use over 20 complementary mind/body/spirit modalities to create a new person who not only is not addicted to any substance but is the person the former addict has always desired to be. What Exactly is Ibogaine Treatment? Ibogaine is an all-natural substance which comes from the Equatorial African shrub Iboga. Ibogaine changes the brain's wiring, so to speak, by shutting off certain receptors' ability to receive signals that cause withdrawal and cravings. Physical addiction is defined by withdrawal and cravings.When these symptoms are cured, the addiction no longer exists.Let us be very clear about this.Ibogaine treatment permanently removes the symptoms of addiction. Without these symptoms, the addiction no longer exists. Ibogaine helps cures addiction, Period. Who Could Benefit from The Sanctuary of Healing, Everyone. The only other options are to try quitting on your own, which almost never works, or to go to a traditional drug rehab facility, which have a success rate of less than 10%. When your life is on the line, which it always is with addiction, those odds don’t look good. The Sanctuary of Healing facility is the only way to become a person who used to be addicted. Now is the Only Time to Make the Decision Our founder, Johnny The Healer lost his mother and brother to addiction, and nearly died himself due to his addictions. He has a personal message for you: “Please get ibogaine help now. Addiction can be fatal, and even when it is not, the toll is devastating. Please seek the help you need." Visit -

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