Ibogaine is a new treatment for those suffering from drug addiction, and particularly from addiction to short-acting opiates such as Heroin and painkillers. These opiates can develop a strong hold on the addict, and often the only solution is to replace them with even stronger opiates such as Methadone and Suboxone. Western medicine has no real solution to opiate addiction, but an ancient African drink, brewed from the Iboga tree, can help addicts who are looking for practical relief from addiction without resorting to pharmaceuticals or 12-step programs.

Ibogaine treatment Mexico rehab clinics for addicts

Who uses Ibogaine

Ibogaine is derived from root bark, and has been used in rituals in Western Africa for centuries. It was first discovered as a treatment for opiate addiction in the 1960s, but was not pursued. It is seen in the US as a dangerous hallucinogen, but other countries allow it to be used, and it is a popular cure for addiction in Europe, in New Zealand, and in South America.  It has been shown to be very effective in treating opiate addicts, including allowing the majority of patients to recover from their cravings after only a single session. Users of Ibogaine in the US have to travel to Mexico or the Caribbean in order to find the treatment they need. Clinics such as the Holistic Sanctuary specialize in treating addicts who want to find an all-natural cure for their problems, including the use of Ibogaine therapy.

How does Ibogaine work?

Ibogaine is taken as a medicine in a standard clinical setting. After the dose is applied, the user will generally experience an intense hallucination or vision, which can last for more than a day, and may extend to 36 hours. The visions involved may take the form of waking dreams about the past, particularly the user’s childhood, and they may also offer spiritual insights, and show the user how to overcome their fears or inadequacies. Generally, the overwhelming feeling after taking the Ibogaine is one of spiritual insight with a sense of being one with the universe. Former addicts have confirmed that Ibogaine can cause profound life changing sensations, which can be coupled with therapy and counselling to build a new personality for the former addict.

Ibogaine is also shown to help reduce cravings for drugs, including heroine and methadone, which can be a useful step forward in helping people to recover from addiction.