Apart from side effects and legal issues that shadow ibogaine usage worldwide, ibogaine is soon gaining popularity as a instrument of treatment to cure drug addiction. It has gained positive reviews from patients who tried ibogaine therapy. Ibogaine seems to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Ibogaine treatment can last for up to 5 days during which time the patient would required to reside at the clinic under close scrutiny of physicians and nurses. Each patient is given individual care and their condition is closely monitored. Ibogaine is effective on addicts because it causes a person mind to enter the REM state of mind, when all the memories, reasons and every sort of experience leading to the trauma flashes before your mind’s eye. Research shows that repressed trauma results in self destructive behavior.

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Ibogaine allows you to turn the reel to the point in time when you experienced trauma and reset it. This drastically reduces the drug withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings for addictive drugs. The ibogaine treatment starts with a screening process to determine your eligibility to undergo ibogaine programs treatment. People with certain diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, cancer, epilepsy etc. cannot undergo ibogaine therapy. Also an EKG and a full liver panel is taken of people who wish to pursue ibogaine therapy. While the routine methods for treating drug addiction involve replacing the drug with methadone or suboxone, which need to be continued indefinitely and in most cases patients get addicted to these prescription drugs. These prescription drugs do not cure depression and anxiety, which results in a high occurrence of relapse in drug addicts.

Also unlike Ibogaine, methadone is not effective on multiple addictions. Ibogaine reduces drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine acts fast once the therapy begins. Also Ibogaine is helpful in treating a condition called anhedonia where a person cannot experience pleasure from pleasurable activities like music, hobbies, etc. Conventional treatments are ineffective in treating anhedonia. Ibogaine by reducing drug cravings reduces relapse. It is a natural substance, unlike conventional harsh chemicals used to treat addiction. Since the period of treatment is short, therapy cost is lower. Also its limited biological availability means you cannot get addicted to it. Ibogaine can help you deal with many psychological problems like OCD, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety and Aggressive behavior.