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Ibogaine Research and Study

Ibogaine study, ibogaine researchIbogaine Research and Study

Resistance to Natural Healing Evident By Examining History

The truth is there is resistance in natural healing in this country by all the top medical facilities, medical boards, and medical industry. No one in these industries wants to use natural remedies if they could possibly be more effective and would replace conventional drug therapy that brings in huge profits. If they do the ibogaine research on natural substances, their motives must be carefully scrutinized; are they running the study so they can patent the herb or nutritional supplement itself? Or are they running the ibogaine study so they can lie about its effectiveness with flawed studies, flawed results and flawed conclusions?

The public wants to know the truth about healing their ailments and frankly, medical methods are not working. Addicts fear another conventional treatment protocol that won't work and could land them in a coffin.

Greater percentages of the population are turning to natural cures rather than conventional healing methods for EVERY ILLNESS. The internet has helped expose a lot of the hidden problems of medical treatment not only for those with addiction but also every other disease and  drug therapy. One of the exposes is an editor of Natural News online, Mike Adams, also known as The Health Ranger. He constantly exposes everything the medical industry doesn't want you to know. Adams exposed the facts on Ebola and had an online training program so people could be prepared for it if it hit America. The company he works for was then slapped by the FDA and other regulatory agencies, clearly adding another example of what we are talking about.

The AMA is known for its dirty dealings with alternative health professions. They tried spreading the myth that chiropractic was fraud years ago until the Chiropractic Association went after them in a long legal battle. The end result – chiropractors proved the AMA deliberately tried to interfere with their business and tried to create a medical monopoly. The AMA has gone after all types of alternative health professions including midwives and herbalists, jailing many of them with false accusations throughout history. Even people who find a cancer cure such as Dr. Max Gerson and others more recently are ostracized, penalized unfairly and their businesses often destroyed.

Why expect that anything different than regulatory spankings and jailing will occur for ibogaine clinics trying to do a good thing for their patients?

Many people now won't even tell their AMA doctor what natural substances they are taking because the doctor has a tizzy fit about it, and anger outbursts are common in doctor offices, especially when patients say they won't use the stain drugs or antibiotics.  The point is that the country is run by big businesses – the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the government. One doesn't have to be anti-government to see this, and the media is tied into the big businesses.

Pouyan Method, Best Ibogaine Treatment Cut Down By Media

Johnny the Healer, Founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, experienced firsthand the oppression from the media when he was interviewed for a television segment on ibogaine. Johnny the Healer has the most comprehensive and most advanced treatment plan for addiction recovery – and all other clinics and centers don't even come close to the 90% recovery rate he has. His Pouyan Method is innovative, far ahead of its time, and combines over a dozen natural methods of healing for addicts recovering from alcohol addiction, heroine and opiate abuse, suboxone and other drugs.

His center has treated over 600 people since they opened in 2012 and with such a high rate of recovery, the Pouyan Method is sure to make doctors at conventional addiction treatment centers look like nothing more than drug pushers. He can easily and unknowingly 'fluff their feathers'. Part of the Pouyan Method is ibogaine rehab.

How the Media Treated This Successful Addiction Recovery Program

One of Johnny the Healer's totally recovered and life-transformed male patients contacted the media about the new chance at life from being cured from long-standing addiction. The media interviewed the patient in a positive light but when they interviewed Johnny, he got no credit for his unique approach that could easily transform the lives of addicts worldwide. Instead, the media interview focused on Johnny's background as an addict and how he had no credentials of his own.

The media ignored the fact that Johnny's experience catapulted him into the position where he became a true experiential expert of how to overcome any addiction using methods of natural healing that were already proven to restore health.

His ibogaine program and addiction healing program is the only one that can document brain healing with PET scans. Some of the methods used include hyperbaric oxygen, Reiki healing, IV therapy of nutrients, 100% organic foods, exercise, massage, colonics, juicing therapy, one-on-one counseling, and everything natural. The Holistic Sanctuary is a 5-star luxury resort situated right on the beach in Baja. What the center refuses to include in its treatment is the usual AA meetings and group meetings that never work and destroy the power of the person to become who he is meant to be. The Pouyan Method also includes no drug treatment and is anti-medication, which is essential for true recovery.

The media ignored the fact that he is not giving medical treatment himself – and has doctors and medical personnel on staff 24/7 who do this. Such distortions of a story expose the underlying motive to discredit someone who is doing something good for all of society. The chances of other ibogaine treatment centers receiving the same media unfriendliness are high. The big problem is that negative ibogaine research and ibogaine study always must be examined in the context of the underlying motivation.

Johnny the Healer Creates an Ibogaine Protocol

If you haven't kept up-to-date on the topic of drug addiction treatment or ibogaine, you may not know that Johnny the Healer is one of the most visionary thinkers in the area of addiction treatments and is the Founder of The Holistic Sanctuary in Baja, Mexico.

As an addict many years ago, Johnny was suicidal from the medications administered to him from multiple conventional addiction recovery treatment programs. Like many others, he kept checking into the conventional centers and getting the same results. The medications did not help and made him worse, stripping him of the ability to feel. The group meetings and all the talk therapy seemed crazy because they embraced the lie that addiction is incurable.

Johnny longed for a real healing system that cured the addict without giving him a title of incurable for life. He didn't want toxic medication to stay balanced any longer. He wanted a real healing system that was capable of reversing the damages done to the body by drugs and alcohol.

In the depth of his personal darkness, he called out to God to help him. He had to take a stand of faith because he knew if he continued on the outdated conventional approach, he'd be dead too soon.

God answered his prayer with his journey and The Pouyan Method was then born in little bits and pieces.

While he was dreaming about what was possible, he also realized that we as a society need a real healing system that resets the brain to a pre-addicted state. The healing had to be down to the cellular level and should never require taking any type of medication for the rest of one's life. They had to walk out of a healing center healed, empowered and inspired – and there was no room for compromise!

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