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Ibogaine Treatment Center

ibogaine treatment center

Ibogaine Treatment Center - A Natural Approach for Treating Addiction

What is Ibogaine? Ibogaine is an herbal product that can be obtained from the Tabernanthe Iboga  Root, a native African plant that ancient tribes have used for hundreds of years in sacred rituals, ceremonies, and hunting trips. French scientists were the first to discover that the plant had amazing benefits for patients who were dealing with severe fatigue and depression, and in the 1960s, American researcher Howard Lotsof discovered that Ibogaine contained strong anti-addictive properties as well, offering a potential cure for dependency problems. Addicts who have been given an Ibogaine detox treatment have reported that the chemical seemed to reduce – and in some cases eliminate – their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. In addition, the treatment is known to provide tremendous mental strength and self-confidence for addicts, as well as helping them to realize the factors that triggered their addiction in the first place. Ibogaine itself has no addictive properties, and has had an incredibly high success rate in curing addicts of their dependency from a wide variety of substances – alcohol, methamphetamine, suboxone, cocaine, subutex, opiates, and heroin. And the fact that it curbs withdrawal symptoms while reducing cravings makes it far easier for addicts to stick with than typical Western methods. Recent studies have even shown that Ibogaine may be able to improve the behavioral disorders of non-addicted people by influencing specific brain cells that control human behavior. Despite this success, the FDA has not approved the drug for use in the U.S. However, when compared to the use of the harsh synthetic medications normally given to addicts, the risks are minimal, and Ibogaine treatment is looked upon as the most natural way to free the body from dependency with the minimum amount of inconvenience or pain. This is why more and more U.S. patients with chemical dependency issues look to international Ibogaine Clinics like The Ibogaine Sanctuary for help. Find the best facility and treatment for getting rid of your addiction from addiction recovery center at ibogaine sanctuary. Get effective, reliable and safe treatments for heroin detox rehab and methadone addiction treatment to improve your life considerably.

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