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Ibogaine Treatment Center - A Natural Approach for Treating Addiction

The Holistic Sanctuary is a world-renowned healing center that offers safe and effective Ibogaine treatment. You will not go wrong with The Holistic Sanctuary ibogaine treatment protocol that we have created. We are known all over the world for having the most effective and safest ibogaine treatment, and that is what makes our ibogaine treatment center the number one ibogaine rehab in the world.  

If you research other ibogaine treatment centers and you will find that they haven’t been around for very long, or they’ve changed their name for some reason - probably because someone they have cut corners with their patients.  

You will not find that here at The Holistic Sanctuary.  

Do you know what you will find? The Pouyan Method - a unique and POWERFUL plant medicine protocol that is exclusive to us. This is the reason no other ibogaine treatment center has been able to be as successful as The Holistic Sanctuary - they don’t have what works.  

Best Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

Don’t fall for false promises. Other ibogaine rehabs try to bribe you to choose them. Turn to the ONLY ibogaine treatment center that has NINE years of success. NINE years of helping people cure their addiction, ailments and improve their life.  

It’s not just our ibogaine that cures people, and it’s what we do for them before, during, and after treatment that makes them walk away free as a bird from their treacherous life.


Private Therapy

If you go to other ibogaine treatment centers and you’ll find yourself sitting with a group of people who have no idea what is going on or what to do. Go to The Holistic Sanctuary and find yourself working ONE-TO-ONE, our ibogaine professionals who will treat you, educate, guide, and motivate you to rebuild your life anyway that you wish. Our therapy will breakthrough those deep-rooted issues that caused the problems you’re experiencing now. We know this to be true because we’ve seen it happen with many of our patients.  

We care about YOU at The Holistic Sanctuary, and we care about freeing you from your inner turmoil.


Kick the Toxicity Out of Your Life

Just as you can imagine, The Holistic Sanctuary is a place of peace and revival. It’s a place of NO toxicity. This includes no junk food, no coffee, no smoking, and no-nonsense.  

The Holistic Sanctuary is a place of HEALING.

You cannot heal if you’re continually hurting yourself with toxins! Throw away the toxins, repair the damage, and live a life that’s going to make you HAPPY!  

When you come to The Holistic Sanctuary for ibogaine treatment in Mexico, you’re not coming for a vacation. You will be busy. When you’re not in therapy, you’ll have an IV drip with HEALTHY vitamins, amino, and NADs for 5 hours. At the same time, a Reiki healer will massage you and recharge your inner energy. Sounds intense, doesn’t it? That’s because it is intense, and it should be intense.  

Ibogaine Treatment Holistic Sanctuary Tulum

With all of the work you’re doing, you’re going to need some fresh, clean oxygen to fill your lungs and soul. That’s why we have an HBOT machine on-site that will infuse you with 100% pure oxygen. The oxygen treatment kills pathogens and anaerobic bacteria. It rebuilds brain cells and activates stem cells to increase healing 900%, and you will feel it.  

We’ll flush out your system with 3 to 5 green coffee enemas per day. You’ll engage in yoga, daily meditation, workouts in our gym.  

All of this is what you will do before you receive ibogaine.  

Why? You have to get your body ready for the power of ibogaine.  

Ibogaine is not something you take, and it makes everything better. It is not a magic drug. It’s a natural tool for healing. Before you can use that tool, you must prepare for it. The drugs in your body right now need to be flushed out, and your body needs to be ready to receive the ibogaine.  

Other ibogaine treatment centers don’t care if you’re ready for it or not. They bring you in, do a basic exam, and then start you on the ibogaine. What happens is those people have bad experiences. Those treatment centers blame the ibogaine or the process for those bad experiences, but those are lies. Ibogaine is a positive experience. Why would people for centuries use them in rituals if it was such a horrid experience? Yes, exactly. That’s what makes The Holistic Sanctuary the best ibogaine treatment center in Mexico.  

Our preparation procedures strengthen your immune system, nervous system, and endocrine system. When you receive ibogaine after that, the body embraces it and uses it as it is intended - to heal your mind, body, and soul completely.  

Scared about ibogaine’s side effects? That’s because those stories you’ve heard are said by people who went to ibogaine rehabs that didn’t know what they are doing. That’s why they aren’t in business anymore. We’re still standing after nine years, and that’s because our ibogaine experience doesn’t make our patients freak out, throw up, or endure the grey day.


The Staff at Our Ibogaine Treatment Center

The staff at The Holistic Sanctuary speak English fluently, and they have the best bedside manners because we know that’s important to you when you come to receive treatment.  

You can ask the staff any questions you have because they are knowledgeable and know what they are doing. They will answer you without judgment.  

This is a place of HEALING, not judgment.  

Get the love, support, and help you need to end the suffering at The Holistic Sanctuary. You WILL NOT find another ibogaine treatment center like ours anywhere in the world. When you choose some other place, you’re choosing to waste money and spend more time suffering. Luxury Ibogaine Retreats

The Holistic Sanctuary does the opposite. We save you from the life you’ve been living. It ends the suffering, so you can create a life you will love to live. It helps you achieve life satisfaction. Don’t you want to be happy?  

If you’re looking for a quick fix - The Holistic Sanctuary is not for you. We don’t have a weekend program. That would not fix you, and that’s not why we are here. We are here to HEAL everyone who wants to seriously free themselves from their suffering - whether that be addiction, anxiety, or depression.  

Our ibogaine treatment is not just ibogaine - it is a healing regimen that has been proven to work - as long as people take it seriously and follow through with the program. So that you know - people who start it complete it. They enjoy their time of healing because they can feel it working. The Pouyan Method has been created to give people everything their mind, body, and soul need to recuperate from the damage they have endured.


After Ibogaine Treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary

If you’ve been researching ibogaine treatment, you’ve probably heard people talk about the withdrawals of ibogaine and how they go days without sleeping. Those reactions are NOT normal. It’s due to the low-quality ibogaine they’ve been given. Not to mention - those side effects are an indication that the health of the person was compromised. Again, ibogaine isn’t supposed to make you feel horrible - it’s supposed to make you feel fantastic.  

Stop believing the lies about the nightmares, and aftermath being normal. IT IS NOT NORMAL.

What is normal?  

Normal is receiving the ibogaine and feeling refreshed, relieved, and motivated to make changes in your life. It is normal to walk away thinking that you should have done it a long time ago, and you want to go through the experience at The Holistic Sanctuary again.

Holistic Sanctuary Retreats Tulum

The Advantages of Our Ibogaine Treatment Center

We are a LICENSED treatment center. You don’t just get licensed automatically. You have to earn it, and we have earned it.

  • TWENTY hours of bodywork or massage therapy per 4 weeks.
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation up to 20 hours per 4 weeks.
  • Reiki Energy Healing up to 20 sessions per 4 weeks.
  • Daily Pure Oxygen by HBOT Machine up to 20 1 hour sessions per 4 weeks.
  • IV vitamin drips DAILY up to 5-7 hours - 20-25 sessions per 4 weeks.
  • DAILY dead seas salt baths.
  • DAILY carbon infrared sauna sessions.

Are you getting this at a traditional addiction treatment center? Are you getting this at any other ibogaine treatment in the world? NO!  

You will only get the complete ibogaine treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary. This is OUR method that has helped cure thousands of people of their addiction. It can help cure YOUR addiction.  

Our facility is a luxury resort-style addiction treatment center, but what we focus on is HEALING, not lying around doing nothing. Our treatment facility has beautiful grounds right by the ocean, private rooms with private bathrooms. There’s no need to worry about security because we have guards at the front gate. Our staff is always available, so you never have to worry about being alone.  

Speaking of our staff, they are the best ibogaine staff in all of Mexico. They will love you, care for you, and support you every step of the way. They will never judge you - no matter what you’ve done or what you do during treatment. They know what it’s like, and they can help you through it. Our environment is peaceful and open for optimal healing.  


Ibogaine Treatment Centers for Addiction vs. Traditional Addiction Treatment Centers

Chances are, you’ve already tried a rehab center for your addiction.  

It didn’t work, did it? Of course not. Now you’re left feeling like your life is hopeless.  

Someone told you about ibogaine, so now you’re researching ibogaine treatment centers.  


Yes, ibogaine CAN help cure addiction. Just because an ineffective addiction treatment center didn’t help, it doesn’t mean you can’t be helped.  

They fed you lies. They just wanted your money. Sure - they tried to help you, but their program is flawed in a hundred ways.  

Be careful, though. When you start looking at ibogaine treatment centers, most of them are telling you lies too. Again, they just want your money.  

The Holistic Sanctuary is a different type of ibogaine treatment center. No, we don’t just want your money. We want to help you cure your addiction.

  • Ibogaine has been PROVEN to stop withdrawals AND keep you from using again.
  • Ditch the Suboxone - it’s just your replacement drug that is causing you more trouble than you probably realize. We’re not going to feed you anything like that. Actually, all that we feed you are good wholesome food, vitamins, and HEALING that will really help you beat addiction.
  • Craving for a hit? Ibogaine will make it stop.
  • Ibogaine is NOT addictive-like, Suboxone.
  • Our Pouyan Method makes us the best ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico and the world.

It’s not just about stopping the addiction at The Holistic Sanctuary - even though that’s a big part of it - we’re here to heal your entire mind, body, and soul. That’s what HOLISTIC stands for - it focuses on the WHOLE body.


End Addiction with The Holistic Sanctuary - The Best Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico

We are the BEST ibogaine treatment center. It’s hard to believe from just reading our website, so go ahead and watch our videos. The people in them are real patients who have benefited from the POWER of our Pouyan Method.  

If you have researched other ibogaine treatment centers, see if they have everything we are offering you. We doubt it. We have put together our program this way because it’s what works. When you read about the three-day ibogaine treatment programs, proceed with caution. They are dangerous to your health and life. They WILL NOT be good experiences. You’ll likely turn back to drugs and alcohol just like you did after traditional rehab.  

Why waste your time and money? Why live this life longer than you have to?  

The Holistic Sanctuary is RIGHT HERE, ready to help you. Our ibogaine treatment center CAN help cure addiction, and it has helped cure addiction for MANY other patients.  

Get the help you need now. We are ready to help you - the whole you.

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