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Successful Ibogaine Treatment starts with the exclusive, all-natural, safe and proprietary Pouyan Method. I created this treatment for myself, backed by considerable research, development and testing (and retesting), because I had endured the pain of conventional therapies. Those outdated, 75-year-old techniques start with the belief that addiction is a disease, followed by the use of toxic prescription drugs and reliance on ineffective 12-programs. Imagine being told you have an incurable disease – that you are a prisoner of your own body – and must accept the fact that you will never get better. That emotional and physical pain is avoidable, because that diagnosis is just plain wrong.

Ibogaine Treatment Centers do not rely on the false belief that addiction is incurable. At The Sanctuary of Healing, we have the brain scans of patients – the ultimate form of undeniable proof – that we can – and do – end addiction permanently. We restore and rejuvenate areas previously damaged by addiction, thanks to the Pouyan Method and the customized care we provide No other center can match these results; no other facility has anything even remotely similar to the Pouyan Method.

Ibogaine Detox Centers are not like typical and conventional rehabs with  aggressive marketing and self-promotion. They have no moral right to label themselves as such, because they use conventional therapies and substitute one drug for another – leaving patients physically numb (and often sicker than before entering these places) and emotionally weakened by the false arguments offered by leaders of various 12-step programs. No wonder these facilities do not disclose their high rates of failure and relapse.

Ibogaine Clinics are more affordable, and don't charge tens of thousands of dollars with no promise of ending addiction permanently. Only The Sanctuary of Healing – surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of its natural surroundings – can restore and rejuvenate the brain. Put another way, we heal the brain so a person can heal their life. Again, we have the brain scan images to prove this point; these facts are undeniable, that addiction is not a disease. We can permanently end this problem.

Ibogaine Treatment Clinics are the kind we offer with the Pouyan Method. Along with our personalized attention – as well as the use of super foods, exercise, meditation and many other advantages – we give patients the chance to enjoy life again, free of addiction. By permanently ending dependency on drugs and alcohol, The Healing Sanctuary is the go-to destination for patients who want to receive the care they deserve and the healing they need.

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