Drug addiction recovery and rehabilitation is an issue which is important to every government, from US Senate to European Parliaments. Current drug treatment programs are expensive, poorly attended and often unsuccessful. Recent research suggested that around 23 million people in the US had some form of drug or alcohol addiction, and that only between 1 and 7 percent of rehabilitation treatment was successful. With a single rehab program costing as much as $50,000 per addict, it is clear to see that drug treatments will need to be very different in the future, or risk costing countries billions of dollars every year.

Ibogaine Treatment in the Future

Is Ibogaine the future?

One drug which is being promoted as the new alternative to addiction therapy is Ibogaine. It has been commonly used in Europe since the 1990s, and treatments have been shown to be substantially successful, with at least 85% of addicts having an elimination of withdrawal symptoms, and cravings being kept at bay for between 6 months and two years. In addition, Ibogaine is the only known drug which can be used for a zero withdrawal of Methadone without severe symptoms and physical discomfort. These therapies mean that addicts can start on the road to recovery faster, and with less negative consequences. In the opinion of many drug rehab experts, Ibogaine is a drug with enormous potential, and there is little reason not to advance its use even further.

Will the future see more people using Ibogaine?

The importance of Ibogaine in helping patients to detoxify without unpleasant effects or craving means that it has started to be recognized as a useful tool in encouraging drug recovery. Many drug researchers have stated that the use of the Ibogaine treatment has positive results, but they also seem reluctant to commit to further research. Partly this is due to the nature of Ibogaine, as a traditional medication it is not suitable for conversion into a pill, and as something which may have toxic results unless the patient is processed very carefully beforehand. As a side note to the success of Ibogaine as a therapy, some researchers have attempted to extract one of the elements of the substance, called noribogaine. This is suggested to be the key reason why Ibogaine is so successful in treating drug addicts. If this element could be isolated and used to treat drug addicts successfully, it would likely be taken up by pharmaceutical companies and developed into an easy-to-take medicine.