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Ibogaine: Effects of Ibogaine and how it Works

Ibogaine or iboga is a psychoactive alkaloid that is derived from Tabernanthe iboga. This is an African shrub in which this alkaloid occurs naturally on its root bark. The shrub has been in use for many years in Africa for purposes of spiritual development. It has also been used for passage rite into adulthood. However, the properties of this alkaloid had not been discovered until in the 1960s. From this time, many studies have been done with an aim of determining the effectiveness of ibogaine in interrupting dependence on substances like heroin, methamphetamine, methadone, alcohol, nicotine and cocaine. This alkaline is used in treating drug and substance addiction due to its psychological and neurological benefits.

Mental effects When used in low doses, this alkaline produces effects of a stimulant. It decreases fatigue while increasing energy. However, it does so in a way that is different from how the stimulants of the central nervous system like cocaine and amphetamines work. When used in large doses, it has oneirogenic effects. This means that the alkaline stimulates dream-like state in a person despite being awake. It also creates closed-eye imagery as well as repressed memories retrieval.

Physical effects The physical effects of iboga include vomiting, nausea, ataxia, sound and light sensitivity, cardiac effects and tremors. In the 1960s, psychologists reported that this psychoactive alkaline enabled users to view challenging or difficult experiences in a more objective manner and that it enabled people to end unresolved conflicts emotionally.

How it works When administered, iboga alleviates the physical symptoms of opiate detoxification or withdrawal symptoms. It does so by refreshing and resetting sites of opiate receptor in the brain. However, it is yet to be understood how it does this. Currently, there is no other substance that has shown a similar action. On completing this process, the patient does not need further doses of iboga. This psychoactive alkaline functions like treatments that take residence or block receptor sites where chemical substances are harbored. Nevertheless, unlike suboxone or methadone which can lead to addiction, iboga is not addictive. To treat addiction or chemical dependency, Ibogaine cleanses the body while resetting the neuron-chemistry of the brain. Once the treatment is administered, a person feels like dependency has been cleared from their memory or the mind and the body. It also addressed cravings for substances or drugs since it re-balances the chemistry of human brain and dopamine, end orphans, serotonin and adrenaline levels.

Mental awakening Perhaps, a major importance of this alkaline is the awakening that it provides an individual. When administered, iboga/Ibogaine provides importance insights into the addiction process origin or the cause of their unhealthy behavior. This awakening occurs within the first hours after administration. At this time, the unconscious and conscious mind aspects are merged. While in the awakened state, a person can see past events including ones that they have been unconscious about. This enables a person to clarify past traumatic situations or events that may have led to drug abuse and addiction.

Safe use Iboga is easy to administer. However, it should be used safely because it has serious side effects when not used properly. At our rehab center, we ensure safe administration of this alkaline by experienced, specialist iboga doctors. We administer it in a capsule form and it does not cause addictive effects. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and you want to undergo ibogaine treatment for drug addiction, get in touch with us. We will offer you safe and effective addiction treatment using this psychoactive alkaline at our rehab center.

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