History of treatment addictions with Ibogaine

In the past, drug addiction was viewed as a moral flaw and an incurable disease. Conventional treatments involved a lot of talk therapies and group meetings. They also involved administering of toxic medicines that only made the patients to use another addicting medicine.

So, it’s not a surprise that they weren’t ineffective.

Today, however, the majority of drug rehabs are still using the old method of treating addicts. They are still ineffective and 95% of the patients remain to be addicted to a certain substance.

When these patients go to a drug rehab, they experience painful withdrawal symptoms. But what these conventional treatments do is that they only give them toxic medicines to mask the symptoms and require them to attend group meetings, which are proven to be ineffective.

This is what separates Ibogaine Sanctuary from a conventional rehab. To prevent withdrawal symptoms, we help stabilize our patients’ brain by administering ibogaine, so they can easily overcome the effects of the detox process.

In order to avoid going through cracks while they’re recovering, we provide one-on-one talk therapy to teach them how to learn new ways to think and behave without the addictive substance in their system.

Ibogaine is given to patients as part of the real healing system of Ibogaine Sanctuary to cure them. It reverses the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol and resets the brain so it can go back to its pre-addicted state. To properly heal patients down to their cellular level, they need non-addictive treatments. In that way, they won’t be taking medicines for the rest of their lives just to remain substance-free.

Ibogaine is just part of the Pouyan Method system of Ibogaine Sanctuary, which is created by Johnny The Healer. He’s the person behind the most advanced addiction treatment system that has already saved hundreds of lives. In fact, our past patients considered it as their lifeline.

The real addiction treatment that we have in our rehab facility doesn’t follow the broken system that does the same old thing. No more medications and group meetings. Patients aren’t forced to embrace a lie that their addiction is incurable.

What we offer is true healing system that cures your addiction without the toxic medicines that you must take to remain drug-free. Since ibogaine and the other organic therapies that we have can treat you down to your cellular level, you’ll be completely healed once you get out of our facility.

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