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Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method: A Holistic and All - Natural Cure for Drug Addiction  

Pouyan Method

Drug addiction is one of the common problems that many people including, youths and adults are faced with today. Despite the various conventional efforts at curbing this menace, it continues to be a significant threat in society. Created by Johnny the healer, the Pouyan method has proven to be an ideal remedy for detoxification, elimination and reversal of addiction and substance abuse. At Holistic Sanctuary, we offer an all-natural approach combined with customized therapies that anyone struggling with drug or substance addiction can rely on to permanently quit the habit.

How the method was discovered

As pointed out in the paragraph above, this method of drug addiction treatment was discovered by Johnny the Healer, a former drug addict with many years’ experience of the twists, troubles and tribulations that come with drug addiction. Before settling on this all natural remedy for drug addiction, Johnny the Healer had used various kinds of conventional treatments from high end as well as local rehab centers to no avail. Through all the experience, he realized that treating drug addiction should be handled similarly to that of a genetic condition, hence, came up with a plan that involved eating organic foods and therapy to help addicts in fighting the habit. Johnny the healer is a nutritionist with great knowledge on herbal remedies for drug addiction and that is why those who have visited the Holistic Healing Sanctuary have experienced greater improvements towards quitting drugs.

Composition of the treatment

Unlike other natural treatments, this remedy is quite unique and takes a different approach to suppressing drug addiction. In most traditional drug rehabilitation centers, patients are often put on a 12-step program that entails medication, counselling and recovery, which only makes them more vulnerable to addiction. However, this form of holistic treatment moves away from such conventional techniques. The treatment involves the use of various therapies, organic super foods and herbs to facilitate healing and rejuvenation of drug addicts. In fact, the method does not only involve Ibogaine treatment but, also organic juice cleanses, massage therapy, coffee enemas among other safe procedures. This method uses only all-natural remedies and does not involve any prescription medication.

How the method works

There are quite a number of reasons why many people today prefer the Pouyan method for curing drug addiction. It should be noted that this remedy does not simply seek to offer treatment to drug addicts but cure them and eliminate the habit permanently. The method pursues a customized approach based on the condition of each patient instead of following a standard procedure. There are various treatments and therapies that can be administered under this method including, brain repair therapies and detoxification programs. Through these natural treatments and therapies allow patients to cure from drug addiction more rapidly. Since the therapy is always customized to the needs of every patient, it gives each an opportunity to make significant life changes so as to permanently quit drugs.

Why you should choose this holistic and all-natural treatment for drug addiction

Drug addiction is a habit that can cause a lot of pain, stress and losses if not dealt with appropriately. Instead of struggling so hard to find a solution, simply try out the Pouyan method offered at the Holistic Sanctuary. Unlike several conventional drug addiction remedies, this holistic and all-natural treatment can guarantee the best results within a short period of time. Since it involves the use of only natural foods, massage and custom therapies, patients are able to experience greater health improvements without causing any danger to their bodies or minds. By spending time at the Holistic Sanctuary, patients will get the most ideal environment coupled with treatments and therapies to effectively dedicate their minds on quitting drug or substance addiction for good.

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