Our healing center is known the world over for the top range treatment services we offer to individuals that seek to be cured from addictions. The treatment protocol developed by Johnny The Healer, our founder, is focused on bringing back sanity to your body, spirit and mind so that you are fully healed, never to crave drugs again. We go as far as having a brain scan done before you start treatment using ibogaine and then show you the results afterward, so that you can see for yourself the great changes you have gone through.

Johnny The Healer understands how ibogaine works

Johnny The Healer has been involved in ibogaine research for many years now leading to the creation of our special treatment protocol, known as Pouyan method. The treatment method is only accessible at The Holistic Sanctuary and is available for all patients that need help to get over addiction once and for all. It is for the concern for those that are battling daily with addiction, alcoholism and PTSD that he took off time to find out more about ibogaine and its effects on the body especially when healing addictions. His findings have proven over time to be true, as testimonies of healing on our site and other forums are from people all over the world.

You would think that Johnny The Healer is only interested in Ibogaine treatment for the money but that is untrue. He is a former addict that battled with similar circumstances leading him to seek a permanent solution in the use of this unique plant herb. His commitment paid off in the long run as his consumption of Ibogaine in a controlled manner led to his freedom from addiction. However, the use of the plant medicine is only a part of the treatment protocol at The Holistic Sanctuary, as we aim to bring a holistic change to the body. As part of the treatment program, we also help our clients change the way they live as well as their eating habits to increase the changes of getting healed. These powerful but subtle changes result in a life of freedom after leaving the healing center.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a death free zone

It is a well known fact that ibogaine deaths have been taking place at a number of rehabilitation centers that use the plant herb as part of their treatment. On our side, we can confidently say that such cases have never been reported because of the high quality of care that we offer those that decide to seek help from our healing center. We have well trained staffs that follow the ibogaine program as directed without getting involved in procedures that have not been recommended by Johnny the Healer.

We keep our promises to ensure that you get healed from addictions without putting your health at risk.  Many rehabilitation centers rush to give ibogaine as the sole treatment for those suffering from addictions and depression without following proper procedures. It is not advisable to consume ibogaine without the body being prepared for the effects of this powerful plant medicine, which means that those guarantees for healing within a few days often used in advertisements by rehabilitation centers are probably falsehoods. Most times, the ibogaine used in the body can lead to fatalities because the body is not ready for the ibogaine treatment.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we ensure that the promises we make to patients are true and this can be backed up by a guarantee of a refund if you are dissatisfied with the outcome at our center. Using the Pouyan Method, staffs at the healing center are able to carefully administer Ibogaine while also helping you engage in holistic activities that contribute lot to the overall result of the treatment. We always advocate for change of diet as well of lifestyle for any of our programs to help you increase the chances of getting better and fully cured.  For quality treatment using ibogaine, The Holistic Sanctuary is your best bet for safe administration of Ibogaine and eventual healing regardless of your addiction level so that you can enjoy life once again without feeling the craving for drugs or depression.