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23 07, 2015

Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

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Giving up drugs is often a life-long battle, with many addicts finding that they struggle to keep clean after a period of rehabilitation. Failure rate for orthodox rehabilitation centers is around 80-90%, with most patients failing rapidly after their group sessions, 12-step meetings or other therapies stop. There are several reasons why addicts are […]

5 02, 2015

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment

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Drug addictions is a real problem affecting millions of people across the globe. Unfortunately not everyone is able to access proper treatment and rehabilitation to be able to stop the addiction problem. More so, those who receive treatment are taken through a cruel rehabilitation process that leaves them weakened and may easily fall back […]

5 02, 2015

What are the Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers?

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It goes without saying that the success of an Ibogaine treatment program will depend highly on the center that you choose to use for the treatment. If you choose a good center, then you can be sure of high chances of success. One the flip side, if you don’t get a good one, you’ll […]