The Holistic Sanctuary’s addiction treatment center is the most highly regarded in the world as we’ve made it our job to cure addiction forever. Our all natural and highly effective addiction treatment protocol guarantees to end your addiction without the assistance of dangerous toxins or chemicals. Most importantly, The Holistic Sanctuary’s goal is to ensure that the damage caused to your brain by addiction is repaired in order to prevent relapse.

The Holistic Sanctuary’s Natural Approach

Though the majority of the world’s addiction treatment centers today continue to adhere to antiquated addiction treatment methods that continue to show lackluster results. The addiction treatment program at The Holistic Sanctuary’s approach to curing addiction is highly effective and exclusively offered at our facility. While most rehabilitation programs continue to manage group therapy sessions alongside medically assisted detox, The Holistic Sanctuary has taken a stand and guarantees that each of our clients will receive at least 35 hours of one on one therapy a week, in addition to their completely holistic detox treatment.

End Addiction Now with The Holistic Sanctuary

Our addiction treatment program at The Holistic Sanctuary offers the world’s only holistic treatment program that can guarantee to cure your addiction permanently. It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to methadone, suboxone, alcohol, cocaine, oxycontin, benzos or heroin, The Holistic Sanctuary’s premiere rehabilitation center offer’s exclusive methods of treatment that will target the underlying symptom that causes your addiction to end it forever. Additionally, The Holistic Sanctuary provides a detox program specifically tailored to each client to maximize effectiveness. And finally, The Holistic Sanctuary will help banish the negative thought patterns that drive your cravings.

The Holistic Sanctuary’s Natural Detox Program

While most addiction rehab centers continue to focus on medically assisted detox. The Holistic Sanctuary promises to cleanse your body of harmful drugs without the help of additional chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, rather and adhering to the common myth that addiction is an incurable disease, and applying methods that merely mask it, The Holistic Sanctuary knows that your addiction is 100% curable.

The Pouyan Method with Johnny the Healer

The Holistic Sanctuary’s highly effective Pouyan Method was created specifically to help cure those battling substance abuse. Created by The Holistic Sanctuary’s founder and operator, Johnny the Healer, The Pouyan Method integrates the powerful healing qualities of Ibogaine to help our clients achieve freedom from addiction forever. The Holistic Sanctuary is the only rehab treatment facility in the world to offer this highly effective treatment method and continues to cure clients every day.

Groundbreaking Results at The Holistic Sanctuary

The innovative approaches to healing at The Holistic Sanctuary have literally revolutionized the field of addiction treatment worldwide. The majority of our clients find their way to our rehab center after having spent countless hours trying to subside their addictions with the help of antiquated healing protocols like 12-step programs, AA meeting, NA meeting and other medical assisted programs that encourage the idea that addiction is an incurable disease. However, at The Holistic Sanctuary our powerful healing protocols can help you cure your addiction permanently.

The Holistic Sanctuary’s Powerful Healing Protocols

We’ve developed the worlds most sought after addiction treatment healing protocol, that can guarantee to end your addiction once and for all. Our program cures addiction with only four steps.

1 – The staff at The Holistic Sanctuary will completely flush your body of toxins, in preparation of repairing any damage to your brain from drug abuse

2 – Our unique methods in repairing brain damage will help your brain rebuild cells and neurons

3 – The Holistic Sanctuary will implement treatment methods designed specifically to target and banish the underlying causes of your addiction that have contributed to your dependency.

4 – The compassionate staff at The Holistic Sanctuary will help you create habits in your new lifestyle that will effectively prevent relapse.

Most importantly, our approach to curing those struggling with addiction adheres to the fact that addiction has a cure. We’ve made it The Holistic Sanctuary’s mission to specialize in ending addiction naturally and painlessly.

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