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Ibogaine Treatment Cost and Facilities

When it comes to full and successful addiction recovery, we know our the clients must be immersed in a healing environment, not a run down the center with low budget housing units. Most centers cut ibogaine treatment cost and force people enrolling in the center to be subjected to harsh environments. Being treated like a prisoner halts healing dead in its tracks. Addiction and dependency are a form of imbalance and illness that can potentially be cured, so clients need to heal and be healed. Addicts and alcoholics are not bad people they shouldn’t be treated as so.

Our clientele expects the most lavish surroundings to feel comfort so they can relax, to allow true healing to begin.

At our luxury ibogaine treatment center, we not only provide the very best treatment from holistically trained professionals, we also maintain a posh facility for your comfort and security. We offer 5-star amenities in an exquisite Baja California location where the optimal weather and breath-taking views promote peace, comfort, and healing.

Our beautiful and secluded grounds allow clients the opportunity to experience the healing influence of the natural world, while our opulent private rooms provide luxurious escape and relaxation. It is important that you experience detox and recovery in a stress-free environment. From high thread count organic linens, to plush pillows and comforters, to deluxe towels and high-end toiletries, no detail is overlooked. And every element of your private bedroom and bathroom promotes your holistic wellness.

Our Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated staff works diligently to ensure that all of your needs are met—and even exceeded—as you journey towards recovery. Our professional kitchen staff provides 100% organic meals, and our gourmet chef is happy to cater to your food preferences, providing for vegetarian, kosher, vegan other individual dietary needs. Healthy, natural nutrients fuel the healing of your body, mind and spirit. In between meals, you can also access fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, and wheat grass from our juice bar.

Addiction causes physical deterioration of your body, you may never recover until you heal the damages. At The Ibogaine Sanctuary, we restore your health by tailoring a unique  healing plan for you. From meditation yoga and biofeedback soothing revitalizing modalities help reestablishing harmony and balance between your mind, body and spirit. Finally, our luxury pool, spa and Jacuzzi foster rest and relaxation year round.

We know that the more comfortable and luxurious the treatment facility, helps clients be more at ease to release pain and suffering from a damaged dependent and hectic past life style.  We  provide such comfort, and our effective staff to client ratio ensures you receive the best guidance and support available to help End Drug Addiction. Call now to regain your life free from drugs and alcohol, for good!

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