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What is Ibogaine

A Natural Approach for Treating Addiction

What is Ibogaine? To understand how holistic drug and alcohol treatment can cure addiction, it is important to know what Ibogaine is and the role it plays in healing addiction.

What Ibogaine Is;

Ibogaine is a natural substance formed from the root of the Iboga shrub, found growing naturally in certain areas of Equatorial Africa. The Iboga plant has been used as a healing herb by tribes in these areas for all of their known history.

In the 1960s, the root of the Iboga plant was accidentally discovered as a cure for addiction. This was at first an unpleasant surprise, as the addict using the Iboga root was seeking a new high, not a way to overcome his heroin addiction. However, he quickly realized the benefits of his discovery, and tested his results on others.

In the 1980s this man, Howard Lotsof, patented the Iboga root for use in treating addiction.

What Ibogaine Offers

What makes Ibogaine a true cure for addiction, when so many authorities on the subject have declared repeatedly that there is no such cure?

Ibogaine actually rewires the brain. How it does this remains a mystery, but what it does is clear. Used as a detox agent, this all-natural, holistic and organic treatment actually changes the actions of the receptors that cause addiction.

Treatment with Ibogaine reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The person who goes through an Ibogaine treatment for addiction emerges as a person who is not addicted.
Coupling Ibogaine cure treatments with other treatments for the mind, body and spirit will produce even more pronounced life changes because of the changes to the brain and the reinforcement of those changes through counseling and spiritual and mental practices.

Why Choose Ibogaine Treatment

Other so-called treatments for drug and alcohol addiction do not actually treat the addiction. Those practicing these treatment modalities believe and profess that addiction is an incurable disease and that the addict is powerless, forever, against the addiction.

One important reason to choose Ibogaine is that it offers a promise to arrest addiction. Even skeptics will see that a program offering no treatment, only a lifetime of disease, powerlessness and meetings, cannot provide total healing. A program offering a total detox and healing is necessary if you want to be cured.

Ibogaine actually does more than offer hope, though. We have had success with many patients who came to our clinic seemingly incurable and left without their addiction.

Who Should Undergo Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine treatment therapy is effective to arrest of most, if not all addictions, including alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs and street drugs.

When Should You Choose Ibogaine Treatment

The saying that there is no time like the present could not be truer. If you are struggling with addiction, now is the time for you to make a decision to become a person who is not addicted to any substance. Even more, now is the time for you to work with a holistic rehabilitation center using Ibogaine therapy. Now is the time to truly become the person you know you can be and reclaim the power of your life.

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